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About us

HealthNet Finance is a Bulgarian joint-stock, trade and consultancy company established in 2002 providing services in the sphere of marketing research, commercial analyses, consultations, insurance services, sales and others.

The company began its activity by launching a project for stimulating private healthcare initiative. In relation thereto, in 2004 HealthNet Finance started issuing a one-of-a-kind healthcare insurance and social assistance journal called “EACH LIFE”.

From mid 2010 HealthNet Finance began conducting specialized surveys, searching for new opportunities for updating the healthcare system and improving the efficiency level of the provided services. It is well known that an accurate and speedy diagnosis, as well as an effective treatment afterwards, depends on the capacity of the medical equipment, the highly specialized devices and modern consumables. In the past few years this principle has turned into a guideline not only for private healthcare institutions, but for a number of state hospitals as well. When preparing their annual budget, more and more state healthcare centers provide funds for updating and modernizing their activity.

In line with the uprising trend for expanding the medical equipment and consumables market, since the beginning of 2011 HealthNet Finance has initiated business relations with producers of professional medical equipment from all over the world. The company conducts marketing researches, presentations and consulting related to the representation and sale of certain products with optimal competitive quality and price for the Bulgarian market.

Among the major business partners of HealthNet Finance are world known brands like SORDINA, LAOLA, ARI, CAREWELL, etc. The company’s prior interests go beyond the area of conventional appliances such as electrocardiographs, ultrasound diagnosis devices, clinical labs equipment, reagents and consumables.

A great challenge for HealthNet Finance is the presentation of one of the topmost contemporary highly specialized equipments for cancer treatment.

LIAC is an accelerator for intraoperative radiation used during the surgery itself, without transporting the patient for conducting the respective radiation treatment. The device is mobile and convenient both for the medical team and the patient, causes no irradiation, and has proven its high efficiency in real practice.

HealthNet Finance represents the brands LIAC by the world famous specialized medical equipment producer SORDINA Spa.